Movement Research

Increasing sensorial awareness is critical to sustainable social development in the 21st century

Movement and the body are the most effective ‪nexus for understanding the world around us. From this vantage point we can create perfectly tailored experiences, products, and services for our clients and audiences.

As a Movement Researcher and Design Consultant, I offer actionable insights into relations of moving bodies, society, and technology. I work with the concept of motility and ethnographic research principles, an approach which can be applied at both local and global level in the areas of business, science, and the arts. My aim is to bring these fields together, creating innovative strategies and maximizing the game-changing output.


Dr. Doerte Weig

My main interest is to uncover the different facets of human movement and turn this into actionable insights for research, business, and the arts. My first contact with these questions on a larger scale was during my years heading corporate change and vision projects in an international business environment.

Completing a doctorate in Social Anthropology and conducting structured ethnographic research in the fields of mobilities, organisational transformation, movement practices and performance, now gives me a deep insight into human movement, the physicality of movement, and its relation with social change.

Featured Projects

Somatics Toolkit
Understanding the Body as Research Instrument, and creating tools for this understanding to be applied in the entire research cycle.
Becoming Sensicle
"Sensicle" is a combination of sensing bodies and vehicles; envisaging everyday transport guided by sensorial awareness and environmental connectivity; obviating the need for external traffic control
Cities & Intercultural Physicalities
The project as a Visiting Researcher has an interest in uncovering the different facets of mobility and migration, and how the physicality of movement relates to social-political change and urban transformation.
MakingSense takes a new approach to citizen science by co-creating technology for change together with concerned communities.

More Projects

What I can offer you

Research Design

I offer customized research strategies. We will challenge existing assumptions and reveal new opportunities. Doing this from the vantage point of the moving body means that the research data will tell you exactly what your client audiences really think and do.

Project Management

Through focused project management we will find answers to questions that could not have been envisaged at the outset. I work with the concept of motility, which translates as the potential to move and takes us to a different level of understanding and product or service development.

Network Creation

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