Creative Cities
New Narratives
Bodies + Fascia
Dance + Music
Somatics Toolkit
Understanding the Body as Research Instrument, and creating tools for this understanding to be applied in the entire research cycle.
Becoming Sensicle
"Sensicle" is a combination of sensing bodies and vehicles; envisaging everyday transport guided by sensorial awareness and environmental connectivity; obviating the need for external traffic control
Cities & Intercultural Physicalities
The project as a Visiting Researcher has an interest in uncovering the different facets of mobility and migration, and how the physicality of movement relates to social-political change and urban transformation.
Ouishare Fest Paris 2017
This Masterclass offers a lived experience of new ways of relating to others and the environment emphasizing creativity, relationality and trust - and their relevance to sustainable urban planning.
MakingSense takes a new approach to citizen science by co-creating technology for change together with concerned communities.
The sensorial, emotional and atmospheric experiences of humans in cities and the importance of these for sustainable urban development are little researched and rarely considered as indicators in urban planning processes.
Sensorial Awareness
We need to raise levels of sensitivity and sensoriality to successfully address the pressing socio-cultural and environmental issues of our time.
5Rhythms [& Ritual]
Our senses are not only essential to the actual remedial processes through music, rhythm and dance, but are also fundamental to community building.
Polyphonic Singing & Dancing
In this type of polyphony, individual song within the composite of voices is emphasized, but all parts contribute more or less equally to the musical fabric.
Sardana & Castellers in Catalonia
My research with Sardana dancers and castellers showed how they are expressing socio-cultural values through bodily movement and how this relates to current political issues in Catalonia.