Becoming Sensicle

Let’s play with how we relate and move in everyday transport situations. Let’s imagine urban mobilities without regulatory infrastructures such as traffic lights. Let’s envisage everyday transport guided by sensorial awareness and environmental connectivity; obviating the need for external control infrastructures and traffic segregation. Autonomous vehicles seem to be putting this kind of connectivity into practice, but driverless mobilities are not yet truly reliable. Research on dance and movement practices shows that if people are present and conscious in their movements, they can move (fast) without colliding. Accidents only happen if they get distracted and lose connection with their environment.

“Becoming Sensicle” brings together the transition between driven mobilities and driverless mobilities with the intensities of sensing bodies body-ing, imagining a future where vehicles and sensing human bodies have become ‘sensicles’. A conceptual exploration of how traffic collisions are avoided when sensorially and environmentally sensory rich vehicular socio-technical assemblages move-dance in the same way, leads to deeper questions on how we can ‘become sensicle’.

Relating to each other freed from traffic segregation and attuning to the limitless nature of sensoriality, paves the way for experiencing mobilities as a co-creative practice central to making (better) societies, and even a borderless world of global citizenship. Eduardo Galeano states that the purpose of utopia is to make us move and advance, and this experiment challenges mobility conventions, city learning and the value of speed, opening up a perspective of dancing intra-relations of ‘sensicles’ (sensing vehicles) by 2051 through a 2-part workshop as part of the ‘Mobile Utopia Experiments’ and other projects in Barcelona.

In the 2-part workshop, participants can ‘dance-your-vehicle’

Part 1:‘Dance your vehicle’ (30mins): involving breathing and movement exercises engendering sensorial awareness and connectedness; allowing people to experience how being attuned to self and other prevents collisions

Part 2:Dance your vehicle++’ (30mins): people get to move in a (purpose-built) transport setting with no external regulatory interference. The ‘vehicles’ are limited to electric, including feet/shoes, bicycles, hover boards, roller skates, bikes, segways, cardboard cars, head-mounted cardboard drones, or …


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