Somatics Toolkit

The ‘Somatics Toolkit‘ translates insights from somatics to scholarly research. The 18-month NCRM-funded project explores the contribution and benefits that can come from an integration of raising somatic body awareness and academic research. It becomes clearer how the body is a core source and instrument of research as well as support throughout the entire scientific research cycle. This benefits the researcher and their collaborators.

Together with my colleagues Eline Kieft (Conventry University) and Ben Spatz (Huddersfield University), we have been developing the ‘Somatics Toolkit’, which now consists of three elements:

  1. 1. a series of audio tracks, each focusing on a specific topic such as: exploring your physical intelligence, noticing the lenses through which you conduct your research, self-confidence, the dynamic of seeing and being seen, navigating emotions and vulnerability in relation to your research, working with pairs or polarities within your data, and doing embodied literature review. This list is being expanded into a ‘Core Toolkit’ and an ‘Extended Toolkit’. The final audio files will be online in February 2019 (Please be in touch, if you would like to work with the first version of the recordings).
  2. 2. blog posts with stimulating content written by a variety of researchers and somatic practitioners (please get in touch, if you would like to contribute)
  3. 3. the Remember-Your-Body podcast series where firstly, anthropologists share their thoughts on somatics in research and teaching; and secondly, practitioners and researchers from the fields of mobility, business, economics and environmental talk about the role of the body in these fields.

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