Water Magic
Project Description

Who’s looking?  What do you see?  And who’s looking back at you?

This exhibition at the 5th Base Gallery in London is an opportunity to discover the beauty and mystery of Gabon in Central Africa – of its lively people and stunning nature!

Join me travelling along the meandering River Ivindo in North-Eastern Gabon in a dugout canoe. I’m sitting below the water level of this majestic river, which captures my senses as the sides of the canoe mostly end about an inch above the water – that’s all that’s separating me from the home of small crocodiles and larger pythons.

Journeying in a dugout is a relaxed process, and I’m gently tuning in to the beauty and energy of the surrounding nature – admiring the calm of the water and pricking up my ears to the sounds emitting from behind the solid green river banks: a myriad of birds delighting, monkeys swinging or trees crashing to the ground; sometimes broken by laughter from kids playing in a village space.

As I contemplate the shapes made by the reflections of fallen trees in the water, I start seeing the magic of geometrical patterns and spirit beings rising from the waters of the River Ivindo – and I love these journeys even more. Watching the shapes pass by, perspectives changing as the dugout moves along with the water – I see a continuous story of the transformative shape-shifting and diversity that is the process we call life – for people and nature


  1. 5th Base Gallery London
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5th Base Gallery London