Sensorial Awareness
Project Description

Many of the global threats we face, for example, to health and environmental sustainability, can only be solved by people, organisations and governments changing their approach to thinking and doing. We need to raise levels of sensitivity and sensoriality to successfully address the pressing socio-cultural and environmental issues of our time.

My ‘Sensorial Awareness Workshops’ focus on new ways of human relating; and on rhythm, movement, and vibration as keys to more extensive and co-creative connecting. With workshop participants, I have been exploring how a joint focus on sensorial awareness and social surroundings leads to integrated perceiving-thinking; and new opportunities and solutions where this inspirational knowledge can be applied.

The workshops focus on fascia or the fascial system, which is like a three-dimensional network inside the body. It forms both a bodily support structure and at the same time transmits information inside the body. It is not just one type of tissue but several, and it is central to our movement capabilities. Learning about fascia’s moving diversity is a way of getting in touch with the incredible materialities that make up the human body. This opens up new insights into what is human movement and sensorial connectivity.

The focus on perceptual sensorial changes and rhythmic synchronization is essential to connecting different players of a whole, who normally remain distant but are importantly related parts of the whole. This can apply to soprano and bass singers in a choir, or to the different co-contributors of urban city life.


    1. Fascia Research Society
    2. Joe Dumit, professor at UC Davis and also passionate about fascia research
    3. Hervé Baunard, a gifted bodyworker and Rolfer


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