Ouishare Fest Paris
Project Description

This Masterclass offers a lived experience of new ways of relating to others and the environment emphasizing creativity, relationality and trust – and their relevance to sustainable urban planning.

The central question, following Charles Landry, is how we can engage with the tension between normativity and creativity in public spaces. How can city spaces become as creative as possible? Bodily network awareness is key to this move from restrictive duality to the fun and innovative potential inherent in complexity. Workshop participants become aware of the organic and sensorial relationship between themselves, others and their living spaces; and a ‘sense of security’ becomes something not technologically implied, but truly felt.

The Masterclass will be a mix of group work, movement exercises and discussion on generative relationality and sensing ourselves connected in a co-creative web. Participants are able to find concrete applications of this in urban planning and their direct fields of work.

Who is this class for?

Urban designers, policy-makers, mobility researchers, data scientists, citizen organisations, artists, and anyone who wants to have fun and learn more about smart, creative cities

The workshop is open to everyone, irrespective of previous experience with body awareness movement.

What will you learn?

  • Experience ‘city’ as creative network – of different people, materialities, intensities and technologies
  • Gain or deepen your network awareness as more than smart technology
  • Understand high relevance of citizens’ socio-cultural diversity and concepts of time to urban planning
  • Be inspired for urban development in line with human bodies and sensorial awareness


  1. Master Class
  2. Ouishare
  3. Ouishare Fest Paris
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