5Rhythms [& Ritual]
Project Description

5Rhythms is a contemporary form of movement meditation with no set steps. 5Rhythms aims to effect personal growth and healing through the transformative power of dance, similar to a growing number of practices around the world. I researched with 5Rhythms practitioners in Europe, and learned just how important sensorial interaction is for 5Rhythms dancers to experience healing. Our senses are not only essential to the actual remedial processes through music, rhythm and dance, but are also fundamental to community building. In this, our body are not fixed entities, but vibrating, generative capacities.

5Rhythms is also a contemporary ritual practice, and it became a deep investigation to compare 5Rhythms activities with rituals from Latin America, south-east Asia and Africa, which I’ve also experienced and researched on. Ritual practices remain of central importance to humans around the world today, to how we build and co-create our societies. 


  1. My Articles on 5Rhythms
  2. UCL Anthropology
  3. 5Rhythms and founder Gabrielle Roth
  4. 5Rhythms teacher Cathy Ryan
  5. Open Floor International

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