about me

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Dr. Doerte Weig

My main interest is to uncover the different facets of human movement and turn this into actionable insights for research, business, and the arts. My first contact with these questions on a larger scale was during my years heading corporate change and vision projects in an international business environment.

Completing a doctorate in Social Anthropology and conducting structured ethnographic research in the fields of mobilities, organisational transformation, movement practices and performance, now gives me a deep insight into human movement, the physicality of movement, and its relation with social change.

Independent Publications…

… On Bodying, Sensoriality and Movement

‘Ritual, Body, and Senses in the 5Rhythms Movement Practice’. Journal for Ritual Studies – in press Vol. 32.1 (2018)
Circles and Towers: Cultural Movement and Body Politics in Catalonia. Social Anthropology (2015), 23(4), 435–449

… On Mobility, Migration and Social Transformation

‘We descended the Ivindo: Baka Migration to Northeastern Gabon from the 1960s to Today’. African Study Monographs – in press Vol. 38/2 (2017)
From Mobility to Motility: The Baka in North-Eastern Gabon. Hunter-Gatherer Research (2015), 1(4), 421–444
Social Change mirrored in Baka Dance and Movement: Observations from the River Ivindo in Gabon. Hunter-Gatherer Research (2015), (1) 61-83.
Motility and Relational Mobility of the Baka in North-Eastern Gabon. (2013) PhD Thesis. Online Publication: http://kups.ub.uni-koeln.de/5238/

Please contact me for articles if you do not have institutional access to academic journals